Wagon of Hope is a community development organisation based in the Drakenstein municipality, Western Cape Province, Republic of South Africa.

We work in the following towns: Paarl, Mbekweni, Wellington, Franschhoek, Gouda and Saron.

The organisation started in 2000 with the following objectives among others:

  • Education: Educating the community with regard to needs and challenges.
  • Job Creation: Creating self reliance within the community.
  • Rehabilitation: Helping youth that have been involved in risky behaviour.
  • Peer Education: Bring down the rate of HIV/AIDS infection through an awareness campaign known as youth Peer Education technology.
  • Attack and eliminate the problem of alcohol and drug abuse rampant amongst youth.
  • Encourage teenagers to abstain from sex until marriage through our NSUM (No Sex Until Marriage) slogan.
  • Promote the concept of 'safe sex' and help bring down the rate of teen pregnancy amongst youth who are sexually active.
  • Provide computer literacy classes to youth from previously marginalised communities.
  • Support nutrition needs and standards amongst youth in selected previously disadvantaged schools.
  • Provide capacity building in the area of child support and development.

Our MISSION: To sow moral seeds today so that society can reap invaluable fruits tomorrow.

Our VISION: To use our Wagon (resources) to Help our people excel, hence Wagon of Hope.